Andrea Roero

Andrea Roero

CIO, Cromodora Wheels

Andrea Roero has 20 years’ experiences around the world regarding ICT, Supply Chain and General Management roles, He has brought high impact process and technology innovation to companies and has had the opportunity to build relationships and learn from everyone he has met. Throughout his career, he performed a variety of roles, acquiring extensive experience in ICT design and management: Steering Committee Leadership, Merge, Demerge and new Company/JV implementations.

Andrea has always worked in worldwide multicultural and structured environments, like Accenture and IBM, before covering Global CIO and Business Partner After Sales role at CNH Industrial and CromodoraWheels.

Recently, Andrea has driven tools and processes renewal, focused in changing working paradigm from reactive to proactive for all Lines of Business involved. Targets to reinforce Support Excellence/Brand image and customer loyalty, contributing in EBIDTA target have been major achievements.

On top of the technology innovation introduction (3D printing, ecommerce, Big Data and analytics) and deployment he is fully convinced that every person, job and challenge teaches us something - always. He believes it's up to each of us to draw the best from each "lesson" - perhaps questioning what was previously considered certain - and then quickly spread the lesson learned to our team through focused, open and inspiring conversation.